Friday, February 14, 2014

The Deception of Joseph P. Larson AKA Robin Roseau AKA Julia P. Lynde AKA Rosetta Robins AKA J.P. Larson

Since the first blog about author Joseph P. Larson exposing his deception in the lesbian community was taken down due to frivolous reasons, which we feel violated our Freedom of Speech rights,  a new blog has been created and this is the result. If this blog gets taken down, then we will put up another one and will continue to do so. The lesbian community not only needs to be warned about this man, but they have a right to know about him.

Our first blog was anonymously created, which led to Joseph Larson's/Robin Roseau's supporters crying foul as if the information was fake, so we've changed that. It was anonymous because the ladies behind this blog saw how I was vilified publicly for uncovering and exposing the cheating scandal in the 2013 Rainbow Awards, which involved Robin Roseau and "her" beta reader/editor Henriette (who was a judge). Several of the women behind this blog still choose to remain anonymous while others have come forward. I will continue to protect those who wish to remain anonymous, yet reveal myself.  

Are you a reader of lesbian fiction who doesn’t mind if the author is a man, or falsely identifies himself as a lesbian to friend lesbians on Facebook as well as join lesbian only groups? If so, we should probably warn you that you won’t be interested in the rest of this blog post.

But if you’re among the many lesbians who would feel personally deceived and even violated to learn that a man is behind the persona of an author whose work you read and with whom you have an email and social media friendship, you might want to continue reading this blog.

A number of lesfic authors learned over the past few weeks that there is strong evidence that a man named Joseph P. Larson is actually behind the very opaque author profile many know as Robin Roseau.

Why does this matter? Because it appears that this man went far beyond adopting a pen name. He has pretended to be one of us. He has pretended that he is a part of our community, and his pretending took away our right and ability to support only self-identified lesbians. On several occasions he took it even further. He used his false identity as a lesbian author to have sexual relations with lesbians, engaging them in cybersex because they falsely believed they were interacting with another lesbian of whom they developed feelings for. His actions has defiled our community, he has humiliated and degraded lesbians from around the world. He has demeaned the lesbians who had considered him a friend, believing him to be one of us. This man has abused and conned the entire lesfic community.

What you will find below is the evidence that reveals Joseph P. Larsen, pictured below, is indeed the les fic author Robin Roseau.

When it was discovered that Joseph Larson was Robin Roseau, the ladies behind this blog attempted to contact Robin using the number listed as “her” contact number provided by the public DNS entry for Robin Roseau’s web site. Instead of getting Robin, Joseph Larson answered the phone, a cell phone, which is registered to him. He was told that the ladies behind the blog knew who he was, and they gave him 24 hours to come clean to those in the lesbian community about his deception. He chose not to do that, and this blog was published.  

In an attempt to further his ruse as Robin Roseau, the day after Joseph Larson was contacted by phone, Robin Roseau made a post on “her” Facebook wall stating that, “Well the guy who helps me with my web site got the strangest call this morning. I may have a stalker.” The phone call Joesph received was not from a stalker, it was from us. See the screenshot below.


What makes this interesting is that Robin Roseau in the VLR Yahoo Group stated that in “her” day job,  “she” is a computer programmer. Joseph P. Larson has also stated that he is a computer programmer. The question that begs an answer is why someone who is a computer programmer would need someone else to help them with their simple website. The screenshots below are posts from Robin Roseau’s FB wall and website that clearly states that “she” created the website “herself” using a simple and lovely template as well as “her” admission to being a computer programmer.


That brings us to Robin Roseau’s website. Below is the Public DNS information for that website.
Updated Date: 2013-05-11 23:24:25
Creation Date: 2013-05-12 03:24:25
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-05-12 03:24:25
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Robin Roseau
Registrant Organization: Robin Roseau Books
Registrant Street: 7248 158th St. W.
Registrant City: Apple Valley Registrant State/Province: MN
Registrant Postal Code: 55124
Registrant Country: US Registrant Phone: 612-670-1837
Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Robin Roseau
A search of the above address and phone number revealed that it belongs to:
Joseph Larson
(952) 236-8537
7248 158th St W, Apple Valley, MN, 55124
You could say that it’s coincidence and that at one time he may have lived in the same residence as Robin Roseau, however, a search shows a delinquent utility bill at that residence in 2013 for Joseph P. Larson. If you notice above, the phone numbers for Robin Roseau and Joseph P. Larson are different. Now look at the screenshot below. It is from the Four Season’s Dance Studio web site owned by Joseph P. Larson showing the year 2009 and note at the bottom the phone number listed for him. It is the same number given as Robin Roseau’s contact number on the DNS web site entry.

Below is an actual screenshot made of Robin Roseau's Web site DNS registery taken today 2/14/2014

What was also discovered during this investigation is that Joseph Larson has a habit of adopting female names to make lesfic readers believe that the author is a woman. In April of 2013, a couple of women on Amazon outed the person behind the les fic author Julia P. Lynde as male. (notice that they both have the initals JPL) On April 27, 2013, Julia P. Lynde disappeared from Amazon and on that same date, Robin Roseau released “her” novel.  
Not only does Joseph P. Larson create new personas, but all three of his personas are tight, as evidenced by the screenshots below from Goodreads. Not only did Joseph Larson leave 5 stars for all of Julia P. Lynde’s books, Robin Roseau also left Julia’s books all 5 stars as “she” did her own books. In addition to those reviews, Joseph Larson admits proudly to leaving bad reviews on those authors’ books such as Rachel Vincent, who also writes and competes in the same genre as Robin Roseau. What is amusing about his review of Rachel’s book is that Joseph Larson AKA Robin Roseau’s hatred toward women is quite apparent by the amount of abuse toward women, including rape, torture, Stocklholm Syndrome, etc. in his books.

The screenshot below is from Robin's FB wall where Joe Larson had created yet another female author named Rosetta Robins, which clearly shows the same cover design, font style type, layout etc., as his covers for both Robin Roseau and Julia P. Lynde.  

Now we come to the Amazon author profiles and books by Joseph Larson, Robin Roseau, and Julia P. Lynde. If you look at their profiles you will notice the vagueness and similairites of the wording and how neither author refers to themselves as being a “her” or a “she”. If you look at the covers for Julia P. Lynde and Robin Roseau, you will notice the similarities and how the same font type and design are used on both of the author’s books as if they were created by the same person. Another look at the actual 5 star reviews for both authors show a crossover by the same people, which favor heavily toward male reviewers.

To see just what Joseph P. Larson and Robin Roseau have in common, please look at the Uncanny Comparisons Page on the top, right menu tab. Also take a look at the 2013 Rainbow Award scandal involving Robin Roseau and Joe Larson. In fact, that cheating scandal is what started the entire investigation of this man.
None of the information on this blog has been doctored or faked and is all public information that came from Facebook, Amazon, Web sites, Yahoo groups, etc. and can be found by anyone looking for it. You will notice that some names, however, have been blacked out on the screenshots. That was done to protect the innocent. This blog has nothing to do with whether a male is writing lesfic or not. In fact, there are several males who write les fic but the difference is that they do not lie about who they are or engage in deceptive practices by pretending they are lesbians and a part of our community in order to sell their books. 

We have close to 100 screeshots linking all of these authors’ profiles to one man - Joseph P. Larson, but this blog is not big enough to hold all of them without making everything confusing.  
Update:  On February 10th, 2014 the Facebook account for Robin Roseau disappeared.
And if you need more proof as to how much this person has hurt the lesbian community, we suggest you go to the following blog:

Since this blog was published, other blogs have surfaced in support of this man and his use of a pen name, which is irrelevant. Some have even commented on this blog. These people are misinformed and ignorant of the overall situation and the damage that he has done to many lesbians in our community.  

As usual, they have tried to take the focus off the real issue, which is typical of those who in all likelihood are guilty of doing the same thing. He did not just adopt a female pen name to sell his books, he used this fake identity to create a fa├žade to entrench himself into our community as if he were one of us. He used that position to gain trust, to deceive and prey on lesbians of whom he abused mentally and emotionally for sexual gratification as well as other immoral behavior.

The women he took advantage of in this way, is no small number and it continues to climb. He’s been doing this for years and the trail of destruction is great. Some of these women have referred to their inability to eat, to sleep, to even be able to think. They are so humiliated, degraded, and embarrassed that they can’t even talk about it. Some are even in counseling now. I have repeatedly seen these women say the same thing; they feel as if they have been emotionally and mentally raped. The reaction in our community by some is the same as what you see when a woman is physically raped, they blame the victim. It's beyond disgusting and pathetic. In fact, it's alarming.

So the next time you want to defend this man, or criticize or berate those of us who exposed him, think about this; How would you feel if he had done this to your daughter, your sister, or even your mother. Put yourself in these women’s shoes instead of making this all about you or me.